Disaffiliation Information

As you may have heard, these are challenging times for the United Methodist Connection. Changes in the theological landscape of the denomination have meant that churches have to make some decisions about their future. One decision is whether or not to stay in the United Methodist Church. If the decision is made by a church to leave the UMC, then the church must decide what to do next. While some may go non-denominational/independent, the majority will realign with some other Methodist/Wesleyan denomination. These vote(s) must be congregational votes, so it is important that everyone know their membership status and have the information to make an informed decision. The following links are offered to you as resources. We thank the web support teams at Atascocita UMC and Cornerstone UMC for the lists of links where we were able to find much of this information. May God bless you as you seek the Lord in this season.